четвер, 29 грудня 2011 р.

A Friend not worth the Hustle

There are different times of friends in this world, and I guess you have had the chance to experience or meet some of them in your life. I have had many too, and I still have them to date, but there is one that stands out as one who contributed to my downfall in second year in campus. James was a good friend to me; we still keep in touch today though we have fewer things in common than when we were desk mates in second year two years ago. I began my campus life as a below average student. I was actually in the last quarter of my class in the very first exam I sat for.

At the time I was involved in a custom writing services company as an essay writer and I took it as the reason for my mediocre performance.  I was gutted because I had been a bright student in high school, or so I suppose from the results I got in my final exam in high school. From the first exam however, my graph of performance began improving steadily as days ebbed away until my second year when I met James. James was and still is a lawn tennis fanatic and he made sure I was one too. I used to sit with him in class, and he could speak about lawn tennis days and days on end.

I wasn’t so keen on it at first, but his enthusiasm finally got to me and I made very good company with him as regards to lawn tennis as I got to spend more time with him. Unknowingly, as I spent more time on tennis, watching, arguing and playing, the graph of my performance began dropping; by the time I was realizing the cause of that-James-my second year grades were irreversible and I qualified for my third year with an absolute carve of good fortune. I left him at the start of my third year because I realized he wasn’t worth it.

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