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Misplaced Trust

I hate playing with people’s emotions. I hate it, in fact I loathe it. It is not fair to be unfaithful or insincere to people you love. In the same breath, I have a weakness of expecting the same from people who love me, or those who purport to love me. The first girlfriend I had however let me down so much so that I lost trust in ladies and in people as a whole. I am trying to build it up again, but I know it will take time to be at the level I was with Emily. I met Emily when I was in second year and she was a first year. She was a beautiful lady with curly, dark, long hair. I met her in the library, the most unlikely of places, but we hit the road running soon after. I had somehow managed to stay single until university to the surprise of everyone but there was no longer any reason to wait when there was Emily.

We shared so many interests; for instance both of us were essayists who specialized in custom essays. Furthermore, she was also contracted to Vikings custom essay writing services company as I was. She was a fun of horror movies (strange for a lady in these parts of the globe), she liked country music; the list of similarities was endless and ever growing as we got to know each other better. She broke my virginity two months after I knew her, and that only served to make our love grow. I loved her greatly. She loved me too, and I completed her, or so she said. She joined my routine of going for roasted goat meat at my favorite joint every Friday evening and then going clubbing on Saturday nights. It was always fun to have her around.

One Friday I went to pick her from her room but I found it locked; I was disturbed because it was unlike of her to leave without informing me. I called her, and to my surprise her phone rung from inside the room though she didn’t pick up. Out of curiosity more than anything else, I bent down and peered into the room through the key hole. I was bamboozled with what I saw. My dear Emily was being bedded by another guy I couldn’t place. I walked stealthily back to my room. Misplaced trust at its best; from then I hated her more than I had ever loved her.

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