четвер, 29 грудня 2011 р.

A Friend not worth the Hustle

There are different times of friends in this world, and I guess you have had the chance to experience or meet some of them in your life. I have had many too, and I still have them to date, but there is one that stands out as one who contributed to my downfall in second year in campus. James was a good friend to me; we still keep in touch today though we have fewer things in common than when we were desk mates in second year two years ago. I began my campus life as a below average student. I was actually in the last quarter of my class in the very first exam I sat for.

At the time I was involved in a custom writing services company as an essay writer and I took it as the reason for my mediocre performance.  I was gutted because I had been a bright student in high school, or so I suppose from the results I got in my final exam in high school. From the first exam however, my graph of performance began improving steadily as days ebbed away until my second year when I met James. James was and still is a lawn tennis fanatic and he made sure I was one too. I used to sit with him in class, and he could speak about lawn tennis days and days on end.

I wasn’t so keen on it at first, but his enthusiasm finally got to me and I made very good company with him as regards to lawn tennis as I got to spend more time with him. Unknowingly, as I spent more time on tennis, watching, arguing and playing, the graph of my performance began dropping; by the time I was realizing the cause of that-James-my second year grades were irreversible and I qualified for my third year with an absolute carve of good fortune. I left him at the start of my third year because I realized he wasn’t worth it.

середа, 5 жовтня 2011 р.

Time factor in essay writing

 One of my tutors used to say that procrastination is the thief of time. He would say is so many times until some of us were bored. It was however a statement that proved to be true to most of us especially when it came to the time for custom writing in the university. Whether we would like to accept it or not, we must realize that paper writing is not an easy thing to do. It will require a lot of concentration, time and efforts if you are going to accomplish something you have not accomplished before. This requires that you plan yourself well and this should be done in the light of the available time and other assignments that you need to tackle.

Time is always an impediment when it comes to this kind of writing. You will always find that you do not have sufficient time to handle all that needs to be handled but this is always not the case. Remember this is something that you do not have to engage in year in year out and therefore you will need to direct a lot of your attention therein. Many college students normally find themselves in a situation where they keep on postponing this project hoping to find an appropriate time to do it. I will however like to echo the words of my tutor who used to tell us that procrastination is the thief of time as aforementioned earlier.

I still remember how some of the students we were in the university together with who found out that the time for the submission of the project had come yet they had not written their papers. One of them had to contend with the fact that he would find himself in a situation where he had time to write his custom essay but would postpone it hoping to start another day. This cost him a lot as he was not even ready with the introduction part of the paper.

If we could look carefully, we would realize that many of us do not handle these kinds of projects with the seriousness it deserves. Some of the university and college students try to rush at the last minute but this does not leave an impressive impression. The fact is that you will not have enough time to polish your work and present to your professors and readers something that is worth reading. Make use of your time properly when it comes to writing.

понеділок, 29 серпня 2011 р.

Misplaced Trust

I hate playing with people’s emotions. I hate it, in fact I loathe it. It is not fair to be unfaithful or insincere to people you love. In the same breath, I have a weakness of expecting the same from people who love me, or those who purport to love me. The first girlfriend I had however let me down so much so that I lost trust in ladies and in people as a whole. I am trying to build it up again, but I know it will take time to be at the level I was with Emily. I met Emily when I was in second year and she was a first year. She was a beautiful lady with curly, dark, long hair. I met her in the library, the most unlikely of places, but we hit the road running soon after. I had somehow managed to stay single until university to the surprise of everyone but there was no longer any reason to wait when there was Emily.

We shared so many interests; for instance both of us were essayists who specialized in custom essays. Furthermore, she was also contracted to Vikings custom essay writing services company as I was. She was a fun of horror movies (strange for a lady in these parts of the globe), she liked country music; the list of similarities was endless and ever growing as we got to know each other better. She broke my virginity two months after I knew her, and that only served to make our love grow. I loved her greatly. She loved me too, and I completed her, or so she said. She joined my routine of going for roasted goat meat at my favorite joint every Friday evening and then going clubbing on Saturday nights. It was always fun to have her around.

One Friday I went to pick her from her room but I found it locked; I was disturbed because it was unlike of her to leave without informing me. I called her, and to my surprise her phone rung from inside the room though she didn’t pick up. Out of curiosity more than anything else, I bent down and peered into the room through the key hole. I was bamboozled with what I saw. My dear Emily was being bedded by another guy I couldn’t place. I walked stealthily back to my room. Misplaced trust at its best; from then I hated her more than I had ever loved her.